About Craig

I travel all over the USA and sometimes the world. I enjoy the outdoors, playing tennis and photography. My daytime job is running the AreaGuides.com Network which I founded. Our flagship site is Frederick.com where I have thousands of photos and videos published. (We're also looking for sharp, motivated individuals to join our team.)

I spend the fall through spring in Florida and I usually travel in the summer either north to Maine or Canada or to Europe or out west. My goal is to enjoy spring-like weather year round! Moscow in July is great. Rome in January isn't too bad either! Want lots of cool photos? Click Here!

Bitcoin address: 1Cp6EB4CCVnFsdPK9on4grzBiB1S8MmrcW

How to find my photos and videos:
For recent event coverage = twitter.com/craigshipp
Photos = flickr.com/photos/areaguides/collections/
Videos =
Looking for my old website? Here's the link: 
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