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MidAtlanticTV.com is an extension of our mission to empower those who have something positive to share to leverage the Internet and achieve measurable results. In addition to a powerful YouTube channel with more than 20,000 subscribers and 17,000,000 views we also have Facebook.com/MidAtlanticTV and twitter.com/MidAtlanticTV

Currently, we're signing up businesses, entertainment venues, educators and other potential content creators to join the MidAtlanticTV Network.

The total annual fee to join the program is $975. This fee includes full support, training and access to this powerful Network. All content is family friendly and we reserve the right to refuse applicants that don't meet the Network's standards. 

Below is part of a live stream starring the Evolution Rock School. MidAtlanticTV in conjunction with WashingtonCounty.com streamed the entire 3.5 hour concert and this allowed the school to reach thousands of potential students. 

Have something to share? Join us today! 
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