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My google+ friend Bruce Turner recommended a Comprehensive iPhone Mic Adapter cable for hooking up an XLR mic to the iPhone. IMO this is a great plug-and-play solution for getting great audio into the iPhone. Especially for interviews in the field. Put your iphone on a tri-pod using The Gliff (another must-have iPhone 4 or 5 accessory) and then plug in this cable. Plug in a Shure SM58 and you're good to go. You do need to speak right into the mic but this is a good thing as this will help keep background noise down.

I bought the cable on Amazon for $29.95 and got FREE shipping with Amazon Prime. I'm ordering another on today to have as a backup and to keep in my second kit. Amazon link:
BEST OPTION FOR GREAT AUDIO (lavalier) into your iPhone: Use
CablesOnline 6in 3.5mm StereoTRRS 4-Pole Male to TS Microphone iPhone Adapter, Black (IP-MIC2K) to hook up a Giant Squid lavalier mic to an iPhone. Special Note: I've found that it's best to lock the iPhone down on a tripod and then plug in the mic adaptor and then launch the camera app. Buy the Giant Squid at: 

You can also use the Giant Squid mic with a ZOOM H1 recorder.

The great sounding Giant Squid Mic can also be plugged into an iPhone using:

You can also use the Giant Squid mic with a ZOOM H1 recorder and then sync the audio in post.

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