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Promotional Sponsors - Total Annual Fee $975* includes the following:
  • Business Story Video in 4k UHD ($750 value)
  • Full Business Sponsorship ($575 value)
  • First Available Listing in A-Z Business Directory
  • Business Landing Page tuned for SEO (included in full sponsorship)
  • Expert SEO (google + YouTube) and Social Media Consulting
  • Included on the Promotional Partners List (Partner Sponsors only)
  • access to the @WashCountyMD Washington County twitter account (Partner Sponsors only)**
  • access to Facebook.com/WashingtonCo  (Partner Sponsors only)**
  • access to the flickr group: www.flickr.com/groups/washingtoncounty  (Partner Sponsors only)**
*Total non-package value = $1,325. Package price of $975 is available to Promotional Partner Sponsors only. We reserve the right to deny or approve all sponsors. 
**Access to these powerful social media accounts gives you more reach and is not meant to replace your own facebook, twitter and flickr accounts. Usage guidelines apply. 
WashingtonCounty.com is all about promoting what makes this beautiful mid-Maryland location special. The A-Z Business directory is designed to be a who's who of local businesses. Listing positions are on a first-come basis. Founding sponsors are rewarded with excellent visibility and a fixed annual rate that's guaranteed not to increase for 10 years.  We see our Founding Sponsors and Promotional Partners as the backbone of the community.

* The $975 rate is paid in advance. If paid monthly the fee is $1080 or $90 a month plus a one-time $275 setup fee. When paid annually the setup fee is waived. We accept major credit cards. Fees are paid to AreaGuides.com, LLC. 

Special Note: Does your business also need a new mobile-ready website? We have an affordable option that's available exclusively to our Promotional Partners. You will get a website using the same powerful platform as this website for a one-time fee of $850. There is no increase in your $975 annual sponsorship fee. This is a great deal for businesses that need a mobile-ready website and wish to keep their total annual fee under $1000.  
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The testimonial below  was taken from a web-based TV show and Victor Class said it all!
Special Note: Victor Class passed away in March of 2016. He was a very nice man and always a pleasure to work with. 
Note: Craig Shipp also started WashingtonCounty.com and together with the sister site Frederick.com both are great tools for businesses in mid-Maryland to reach local customers. 
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